My Cup Runneth Over with Luigi-ites

by mickeypamo

Milton Oleaga was insistent that his work not be sold, but go immediately into public domain and be distributed to their subjects.

If you recognize, or are, the dancer(s) depicted here, and would like to own the originals, I will mail it to you.

Please e-mail me at with a STREET address, and I will mail your photo(s) with a copyright release form.

Please pay postage and packaging (c.$6 . . . sorry, multiple photos cost what the P.O. determines)

If you are in a position to donate for the work I am doing with Milton’s photos, a donation would be truly appreciated, though not necessary.

(Use the Donate button for donations and/or postage when it is working . . . soon)

Otherwise, snail mail is nice and personal.

mickey morgan

3426 Telford St., #5

Cincinnati, OH 45220

First come, first serve, 3 weeks after a photo is posted and hasn’t been claimed, they will grace the collections of whomever writes and requests first! Up to 30 photographs per person. PLEASE INCLUDE SCAN NOS. AND POST NAMES

You are the audience Milton always wanted for these photos, you who will care for them and be nourished with good memories always

Scan 156

[scan 156]


Scan 157

[scan 157]


Scan 158

[scan 158]


Scan 159

[scan 159]


Scan 160

[scan 160]


Scan 161

[scan 161]


Scan 162

[scan 162]


Scan 163

[scan 163]


Scan 164

[scan 164]


Scan 165

[scan 165]


Scan 166

Jaime Rogers (original cast member of West Side Story; choreographer) [scan 166]


Scan 167

[scan 167]


Scan 168

[scan 168]


Scan 169

[scan 169]


Scan 170

[scan 170]


Scan 171

[scan 171]


Scan 172

[scan 172]


Scan 173

[scan 173]


Scan 174

[scan 174]