Biographical Corrections by Milton’s niece, Christie A. Oleaga

by mickeypamo

Dear Mickey,

. . . Just so you know, Uncle Milton was born in Brooklyn, but did travel to Austria, when he was a very young boy. His mother, my paternal grandmother, and her sister, Aunt Freida, came from that part of the world. Her family had farmland there and Uncle Milton met her brothers and other family members during that trip. It was my paternal grandfather, Meliton Oleaga, who was Basque.

My father, Henry Oleaga, was Uncle Milton’s younger brother. Daddy was four years his junior, but did pass away before him in 2003. I think Daddy was a baby during the trip to Austria, but I’m not certain of that.

I miss both my Dad and Uncle Milton everyday. I have never known two more intelligent and truly kind people in my entire life, and I think I never will. Unfortunately, I did not get to see Uncle Milton all that much when I was growing up. New Orleans is a long way from New York and the expense of travelling prevented many visits. But whenever we were together, I will never forget how much I used to love to hear my father and Uncle Milton just have a conversation. I could never keep up with them, but I sure did love to just sit quietly and listen. . . .

Christie A. Oleaga