Milton’s List of Dance Beauties

by mickeypamo

Below are hand-written pages that Milton Oleaga used to organize his spiral bound books of 30-50 photographs each. I’m assuming the names written are included within each of the books.

If anyone finds his or her name on this list, or knows a person named on this list,

please write with contact info. to so I can put names to faces and post properly.



p.s. I think what I have are copies from Jan, as some of the names at tops are cut off . . . but legible

p.s.s. Include some Harkness babes and dudes that I marked

p.s.s.s. See the group of Limón photos and accompanying text? Each of those identified on these sheets deserves the same extensive background of their own dancer’s life to be shared . . . not only ‘deserves’, but we want to read of your life . . . richly different from all others . . . despite the mundanity of fame.

We worked hard for our money! So ya better treat us right! Yeh.

Milton Names note

Milton Names1

Milton Names2

Milton Names 3

Milton Names 4