The Photographs of Milton Oleaga

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Milton’s Prologue and Commentary

An audio depiction of the breadth of Oleaga’s work:

Luigi's Jazz class at Harkness  House for Ballet Arts' trainees

Luigi’s Jazz class at Harkness House for Ballet Arts’ trainees

Photographer Milton Oleaga b. Aug. 3, 1929—d. July 30, 2013

Milton Oleaga, Pastime II day-fishing boat
My dear Milton was dear to so many! He loved, years ago, to go out on day-fishing boats from Sheepshead Bay where he grew up (apparently) from the same neighborhood and times of Stuart Hodes. Hundreds of his spiral bound books of photographs were presented to friends, or to someone who might use them. He wanted his work in the public domain soon, simply because he wanted people to enjoy them. I’m sure some of you who are reading this now have been lucky recipients of a book of photographs all your own . . . of you as a dancer.

The portrait above is on the last page of his “best fish books” (there are many more. I have a stack of unseen dance photos from major dance companies in NYC 60s and 70s

Another series of photos are from his surreptitiously-taken New York City street shots in the 70s.

And finally, hundreds of New York Gypsies (broadway dancers) head shots.

I will soon begin posting all these various categories of photos Milton gave to me, yet he definitely needed a new blog all his own. So if you want to see more of this kind man’s work, go to “The Photographs of Milton Oleaga”.

Goodbye, Milton . . . fare thee well in a place of less suffering.

Thank you for 43 years of an enriching friendship.


Gone too soon . . .

I am grieved to say that Milton Oleaga passed away only 3 hours ago. The legacy of his life’s work will slowly be put together as soon as I am able. He was my best buddy, and would have been 84 on Aug. 3, 2013. He is loved by his friends and the beauty he left for us. May he go to a place of less suffering . . .


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Introducing: The Photos and Stories of Photographer Milton Oleaga

The next post will include many photos and many stories. Please subscribe to this new blog for a dear friend.


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